Archaeological Reproductions

Egyptian Reproductions

The Egyptian civilization was one of the greatest in all respects and the archaeological terms was no less. Egypt today is not the great empire that was, but the remains left by the previous civilization, is one of the archaeological wonders we have received from a civilization that was so rich and organized as the Egyptian.

goddess bastet

Representing Goddess Bastet

Brooch in patinated bronze of goddess Bastet. Bastet was represented in the form of a domestic cat or a cat-headed woman. Bastet was a unpredictably goddess who could appear tender and fierce at any time.

egypt snake

Snake Bracelet

Piece made of silver plated brass. It represents the eternal duality of good and evil. It is a horned viper, recognizable by protrusions on his head and zig zag tail. This type of jewelry appears in Egypt in the first century BC.


Hieroglyphics Bracelet

Made of brass with passivation bath. Hieroglyphs are writing systems that use iconic symbols to convey messages. Many ancient cultures used hieroglyphs, but the most famous are the Egyptian hieroglyphics.

egyptian scarab

Egyptian scarab god Khepri

The Scarab, symbol of eternal life, is a good luck charm. For the Egyptians it was a symbol of rebirth and life, representing Khepri, the sun god. Reproduction in bronze silver plated.

egyptian ank

Egyptian Ank

Egyptian Ankh, one of the most important ancient Egyptian amulets, symbolic representation of life. A magical cross-shaped key which carried by the gods, opening the way to Eternal Life. Reproduction in bronze.

Egyptian Scarab

Egyptian Scarabaeus

(Egyptian Scarabaeus sacer) an amulet of life and power, represented the rising sun and was a symbol of resurrection. Afforded protection against evil. In death, who carried it acquired the ability to attain eternal life.

serpent apophis apep

Serpent god Apophis

Also called Apep, is an immense snake immortal and indestructible. Its mission is to prevent the birth of a new day. It was a terrible evil but necessary, because the Egyptian cosmic order was based on the balance between Good and Evil.

djed pillar

Djed pillar

The Djed pillar symbolized stability and rebirth of the god Osiris, and represented his spine. Each new Pharaoh ordered to erect a large Dyed spine to confer stability to his reign.