Archaeological reproductions and Historical Jewelry

archaeological reproductions

Dedicated to reproduction of archaeology, TEMATIKA is strongly linked to the promotion of Culture and National Heritage. Through reproductions, aims to bring to the public who come to museums, archaeological parks and specialty shops, a bit of history. Where every person who wants to know a bit more about her past, as all parts TEMATIKA done, not only have the consent of each museum and park, but also are attached to them a label with the corresponding story to each piece (Name, origin, date, material).

Lost Wax Casting - Investment Casting

lost wax casting

The lost wax casting is a sculptural process of ancient tradition (appears in Acadian culture in the mid-second millennium BC) used to obtain figures of metal (usually brass) using a mold which prototype is traditionally made from a modeling beeswax.


The electrolytic treatment is used as a protection against the corrosive action of the environment and also to give a final decorative appearance to the material. The electrolytic surface treatment is applied on conductive metal pieces. In order to perform quality metallic coatings, it's necessary to condition the base material to a smooth surface free of oil and oxide, so we will be able achieve a good bond between the base metal and the coating.

Design and Modeling

design modeling

The molds allow detailed jewelry patterns for printing on metal. The process of designing jewelry from wax molds is called lost wax casting. It has been used for thousands of years. Most of the wax patterns are created by hand and require great skill to manufacture. The creation of these molds is also sometimes known as creative wax sculpture.